BUILDING TOGETHER: Women in Residential Construction Conference Agenda

Wednesday, September 23, 2015
2:00 pm

Registration Opens

4:00 pm

Panel Discussion: Leadership from the home building and remodeling industries
discuss the challenges and opportunities for women in construction

5:30 pm

Welcome Reception

Thursday, September 24, 2015
7:00 am


8:00 am


8:15 am

Keynote: Janine Driver
Looking for strategies to become a stronger, more effective leader? New York Times best-selling author, motivational speaker, and well-known body language expert Janine Driver will discuss the six fundamental needs shared by all humans that shape their behavior and explain how to determine which need is in play by the body language they use.

9:15 am

Bringing Women into the Construction Field I: 
Both men and women often hold preconceived ideas about women entering the construction and remodeling fields. Nowhere is this seen more keenly than in the trades. Here is a look at where the industry stands today on recruiting tradeswomen, and what still needs to be done.
Presenter: Amy James Neel

9:45 am

Bringing Women into the Construction Field II:
The construction and remodeling industries are male-dominated—and not just for workers out in the field. This presentation discusses current efforts to recruit more women into all facets of the business from architecture to project management. 
Presenter: Yasmine Branden

10:15 am


10:30 am

Be a Leader of Leaders
Is your leadership inspiring? Are you worth following? It all starts with you; you are the compass. CBH Homes’ vice president Ronda Conger will share with you a few of her guiding principles and how she leads with love. Culture is her passion and she will show you the road map to creating a thriving work place she prefers to call a “work-cation.” Learn Ronda’s secrets to recruiting, training, and retaining top performers who will lead.
Presenter: Ronda Conger

11:30 pm


1:00 pm

Workshop: Janine Driver

2:00 pm

The Rating Game: Defamation, Yelp, and Negative Online Reviews
False reviews online can greatly, and unfairly, damage a company’s reputation. Attorney Sara Kropf successfully represented a home renovation company, Dietz Development LLC, in a groundbreaking trial last year over defamatory reviews on Yelp and Angie’s List. She will use the facts of that case to explore questions such as: What is defamation? Should my business sue a customer to remove an online review? Why can’t we sue Yelp? What are the risks of suing for defamation? Are there any other ways to remove negative online reviews?
Presenter: Sara Kropf

3:00 pm


3:15 pm

The Presence Principles: Bridging the Confidence Gap
You’re running a business, an organization, a team, a project. People look to you for leadership, guidance, inspiration. And while you feel you have what it takes to significantly impact the world, and the people, around you, you sometimes find yourself playing small under pressure and scrutiny. Your confidence waxes and wanes. In this motivational, interactive, and content-rich presentation, Eleni Kelakos shares five Presence Principles that will inspire you to lead with greater courage, commitment, and confidence.
Presenter: Eleni Kelakos

4:30 pm

Peer-to-Peer Discussion Groups
This moderated peer-to-peer workshop will offer attendees the opportunity to discuss, ask questions, and exchange views about the ideas and information heard over the course of the day. Breaking into small groups, attendees can work together to formulate plans to put what they've learned into practice in their companies and in their own lives.
Moderator: Kerry Mulcrone​

5:30 pm


Friday, September 25, 2015
7:00 am


8:00 am

Keynote: Sheryl Palmer, CEO, Taylor Morrison

9:15 am

Creating a Culture of Mentorship
More and more companies are offering formal mentoring programs and with good reason. These programs have the potential to create happier employees while at the same time increasing productivity. This informative presentation will outline the benefits of creating a company-wide culture of mentorship and offer tips on how to ensure success for both employees and employers.
Presenter: Kay Pierce

10:30 am

A Room of One’s Own: On Being a Woman Entrepreneur
Why would anyone want to start their own business? How crazy do they have to be to have more than one? Those are the questions serial entrepreneur Juli Bacon asks herself on the bad days, but the thrill of bringing on new clients and the ability to offer flexible, meaningful work to other women continually motivates her. This presentation will cover what it’s like to be an entrepreneur, what it takes to successfully start a business, and the unique challenges faced by women who own their own companies.
Presenter: Juli Bacon

11:45 am

Conference Adjourns